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Let your customers recharge with your own charging stand.
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Our charging stands can recharge up to 8 devices at once!
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Professional graphics design is included!
Your Brand
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Our Stands Are

Rent your own personalized smartphone charging stand today, & realize increased marketing & customer satisfaction.


Learn More About Phone Charging Stand Rentals

PhonePower2Go offers you all the advantages of giving your customers great smartphone charging. The perks of renting the charging stand make it care free:



Pair of cell phones, one of which is out of power, and the other which is fully charged.


What About Your Business?

Many business are the perfect setting for a charging stand. Most of us can relate to the situation of discovering that our device is almost out of power. Whether it's waiting for a car repair or the kids' orthodontic appointment, it's not good to lose our connection just because of a depleted battery.

You can offer your customers the convenience of charging their device and marketing your brand, specials, or services. Your customers will appreciate getting to charge their device, and it all builds a great customer experience.

Fully Customized Marketing

Your new charging stand will have a beautiful, professionally designed graphic backboard. You can include your company logo, contact information, special images—anything that will promote your enterprise!

Order New Backboards Easily

Additional backboards are easy to order right through our website. Our professional design team will create just what you need—update by season or promote a special... the potentials are practically limitless. You can always reuse the boards as you build a collection!

Detail of charging stand graphic backboard, illustrating information that can be placed on the charging stand.


Serving The Greater San Antonio Area


We serve businesses throughout the Hill Country area. Our customer service is the best available!

Innovative Charging Solutions


Our charging stands all include customized graphics, including your logo and business information.

Pair of cell phones, one of which is out of power, and the other which is fully charged.


Why Choose PhonePower2Go

Experience. Expertise. Solid technology. We can name a number of competent bullet points, though the main reason to choose PhonePower2Go is very simple. We help businesses offer convenience to their customers in a crucial way, all the while extending their marketing message. And we do this with an uncommon commitment to quality and the best customer service possible.

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