Why should I have a charger in my business?

Has your phone’s power ever run out when you were visiting a doctor’s office or a showroom? Most businesses forget to provide dedicated phone charging stations. If a customer charges from wall sockets, this can be not only limiting, but it can be unsightly and unsafe. PhonePower2Go rents smartphone chargers to keep your visitors’ phones and tablets connected and eliminate safety concerns. Your customers will love the convenience!

What are the advantages of renting over buying a charger?

In short, it's a "hands-off" versus a "hands-on" situation. With Phone Power 2 Go, renting eliminates the need for you to do initial research, determine equipment availability, incur the higher initial cost of purchase, deal with delivery charges, backboard design and printing, and onsite service. PhonePower2Go attends to all these items for a modest monthly rental fee. We take of everything for you!

What types of chargers do you rent?

We have several versions to serve all types of needs:

  • Wall-Mounted
  • Stand-Mounted
  • Lockers With Smartphone-sized Bays - PIN Code Operated
  • Lockers With Smartphone-sized Bays -  Coin Operated
  • Lockers With Laptop-sized Bays - PIN Code Operated
  • Lockers With Laptop-sized Bays - RFID Card Operated

Which charger should I choose?

The choice of charger is dictated by your needs. For example, if you have a waiting room where clients can watch their phones while they charge, then a standard wall-mount or free-standing 8-cable charger would be best. If you need a solution that would charge larger items, such as an iPad or a laptops, a wall-mount stand charges smartphones, iPads, tablets, headphones, and power blocks. If you need a larger bay or “lock and leave” security, then a locker design is a fantastic solution. We have a great blog article that discusses which charging solutions apply to which situations - Which type of charger solution is best for you? As always, we will help you determine the best solution for your business or organization.

Why shouldn't I just buy a cheap charger and place it in my business?

If you buy a “throw away” charger, that is unfortunately what you will likely be doing in a couple of months. Our charger solutions are designed for the rigors of frequent use in a commercial setting. A good series of questions to ask yourself: Is a cheap throw away charger the reflection I want on my business? Will the charger come with charging cables (which most people forget)? What will happen if it needs service or something goes wrong - will I have to use my time to get a replacement? In short, getting a professional charger is the best option... delivery, setup, service, and a true customer care program will save you time, but also reflect the high standards of your business.

Is there any kind of data security risk with PhonePower2Go chargers?

Not with the solutions from PhonePower2Go. In fact, we take this so seriously that our chargers are engineered without any possible way that the cables can access data on devices. Our cables only do one thing - provide power for charging; that's it. Your customers' devices will be safe from intrusion, potential hacking ("Juice Jacking," as it's known) or other data problems.

Does your rental contract have a minimum rental time?

Yes: 3 months for our 8-cable chargers (whether free-standing or wall mounted), and 6 months for lockers.

How long do the stands and lockers last?

Virtually indefinitely if they are well maintained.

Can I advertise with the charger?

Absolutely. The backplate of the 8-cable chargers can be easily replaced with another showing any information you need to display. PhonePower2Go can create another backplate to your design parameters for $99.00 or you can reverse the panel which acts as a whiteboard and write your own messages, such as specials and announcements. Lockers can be branded by wrapping them with your own design (theme, colors, message, brand, logo, and so on). PhonePower2Go offers end-to-end design, printing and wrapping services and will work closely with you to design the “wrap” prior to affixing it to the locker.

Can I customize the stand graphics and is there an extra charge for this service?

Customizing is certainly an option. For our wall-mount and freestanding 8-cable charging solutions, there is no charge for the unit's initial customized back board. These chargers, whether on stands or wall-mounted, include a custom graphic backplate printed with your own design choices (theme, colors, message, brand, logo). Lockers can also be wrapped.

Can I personalize the lockers by wrapping them?

Certainly - lockers can be branded by wrapping them with a customized design. PhonePower2Go offers end-to-end service (design, printing and wrapping), and will work with you to get just the design you need prior to affixing it to the locker.

Can I order new stand backboards if one is needed?

Yes - PhonePower2Go can create as many backplates as you need for $99.00 each. You can also reverse the panel which acts as a whiteboard and write your own messages, such as specials and other announcements.

How fast do your chargers charge?

FAST - Each cable supplies 2.4 amps for a very quick charge.

Can the stand chargers charge any device?

Practically yes - 99% of all smartphones, iPads, tablets, headphones, and power blocks can be charged with our chargers.

What about cables – are they included?

8 cables are included with the wall-mount and free-standing stands: 3 Apple Lightning, 3 x Micro, and 2 x-Type C cables.

What happens when the technology changes and cable connectors become obsolete?

Just let us know what cable(s)/connector(s) you need, and we will be glad to make changes for you.

What about wireless charging?

We have you covered - we offer two free wireless (10W) chargers with each rental to accommodate your customers' needs.

Can your units charge a tablet?

Yes, all our chargers can charge tablets.

Can your units charge a laptop?

Yes, our larger lockers can accommodate up to 17” laptops.

What happens if a cable breaks?

If a cable breaks, is frayed or the connector fails, we will replace it for you immediately once you notify us. (We have a special section on the PhonePower2Go website to report any problems).

What happens if the charger stops working?

We will repair or replace your charging unit once you notify us, and we always strive to be quick - your repair or replacement will be underway within 24 hours once we are aware.

How do I contact you if there is a problem or we need service?

We make it fast and convenient for you through our Service Request form right on the PhonePower2Go website.

What is your response time for service calls?

Typically, 24-hours.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! If you refer a business that rents a stand from us, you will get one month's rental free of charge. If they rent two stands, you would get two months free, and so on.

Do you offer multiple unit discounts?

Yes, on all our units. Please contact us for a discussion on your needs and how a discount will save you money.

If I rent more than 1 unit, can they be placed in different locations?

Yes - anywhere in the Greater San Antonio area. Alternate locations/cities can be eligible by special agreement (e.g., San Antonio and Dallas).

What is your delivery/coverage area?

We serve the Greater San Antonio area. We are always glad to discuss options outside our usual service area - please feel free to contact us.

How is the rental charge paid?

We have quick and convenient payment options via the PhonePower2Go website. You can also sign up for regular recurring billing.

Do I have to pay tax on the stand rental?

Yes, sales tax is required and automatically added to the rental charges.

When I place an order, how long does it take to get a stand delivered?

Approximately 2-3 weeks. The time frame varies with the amount of backplate design and other considerations required. We will keep you updated along the way.