Smartphone out of power and needs to be charged, like with charging solutions from PhonePower2Go.

Which type of charger solution is best for you?

Renting a smartphone charger offers clear advantages over purchasing one and installing it yourself; selection, delivery, installation and long-term service headaches can be forgotten, but which type of charger should you rent?

You can pick from the following examples with their associated advantages which will help you match your needs and expectations to your situation and budget.

Firstly, what are your circumstances and needs?

A secure, 5-bay charging locker, for charging all types of smart devices.If you have a waiting room where your clients gather, you should consider a wall-mounted or stand-mounted smartphone charger.  Each variety offers connection for rapid charging of up to eight devices simultaneously (iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, headsets, power banks and so on).  Wall-mounted and stand-mounted chargers offer “open designs” which means clients can connect their devices to charge and disconnect when charged.

Charging solutions for all types of smart devices.The most often voiced concern relates to security and liability if someone’s phone is stolen.  The answer to the question lies in the placement of the stand and its visibility in its location. Customers who connect to the stand for a quick charge usually always watch their phones diligently. As far as liability is concerned, each stand comes with the following warning emblazoned across the front ledge: “PLEASE WATCH YOUR DEVICE - This charging stand is not supervised, and you should watch over your device carefully.  You have responsibility for your device; we do not and cannot accept any responsibility for loss or theft.”

Lastly, our charging stations cannot read any data on any device, making them incapable of the dreaded “Juice Jacking.” (“Juice Jacking” is the covert access to the data content and/or settings of the device, allowing hackers to download images, access network settings, passwords and other serious situations.) Our charging stands prevent this from happening by eliminating the needed wiring channels... in short, it’s simply impossible.

Both wall-mount and stand designs accommodate “back-board” advertising which allows the charger to act as an advertising message board for the business.  Designs can be changed out to accommodate alternate messages of sales and specials.  The backboards can also display a QR Code (“Quick Response Code”) to take the user to the business’s website.

Wall-mounted smartphone chargers are fixed in place while stand mounted smartphone chargers offer the added convenience of being moveable to suit their circumstances.

5-bay charging locker for charging smart devices.If greater security is required, a secure bay smartphone charger could be the answer.  Locker-based smartphone chargers come in different sizes (5-Bay, 10-Bay, and 12-bay) and offer different features.  The basic secure bay smartphone charger offers a bay size that accommodates phone sized devices only while the larger, tower-based systems offer the capability of charging multiple devices simultaneously up to and including 17” laptops.

One of the newer secure bay/drawer smartphone charger designs offers UV-C (Ultraviolet light in the 200-280nm range for device sterilization) while another is coin operated, allowing the business or organization to offset the rental cost of the smartphone charger while still offering patrons a way to charge their phones.

Do you need to charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops?

If it is the latter, then a wall-mounted or tower model would fit the bill.  Towers offer secure bay designs, either via a personal PIN-Code or RFID-Card operation.  Larger bays allow multiple devices charging for each bay (smartphones, tablets, and laptop charging). These units are larger and suitable for certain service sectors (like health clubs) and industrial/educational or warehouse operations where space is not at such a premium and security is a must.

Rental costs for a single wall-mounted or stand smartphone charger is very modest, including a custom designed advertising back board and free onsite service for any technical problems.  Wall-mounted smartphone chargers and their larger counterpart lockers have monthly fees dependent upon the bay size and number of bays.

PhonePower2Go is always on hand to help you determine which charging solution is best for you, and then we handle all installation and maintenance for your new smartphone charger. Call us today!

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