Woman in health gym wearing mask and looking at phone running out of power.

A Fast Way to Add Instant Value For Your Customers

Our story begins with business life continuing the process towards “returning to normal.”

The much-awaited rebound in business traffic following the global pandemic applies to countless numbers of businesses, hospitals, service organizations and many more. We won’t revisit all the myriad experiences we’ve collectively shared since early winter 2020, but we know the stripes... social distancing, wearing masks, businesses curtailed or eventually shuttered altogether, and so much more. Thankfully, in progressive steps, things have been “switching back on” again, and there are many of our daily routines that resemble the time prior to COVID-19. (The above said, we know there are still some foreboding dark places in these woods, at least in some areas, and in some countries, and that is another story.)

Fill A Need, Earn Loyalty, Extend Your Services

As business begins to rebound and we again see customers, patients and clients in our places of business, one thing is obvious: we depend on our portable electronic devices now more than ever. Therein is also the need to keep them available to us, which means, at the most basic level, they need power. Practically everyone has experienced the moment, glancing down at their phone or tablet away from home or office, and seeing that the power is running very low (or worse... has run out). Who hasn’t had that first thought, “Uh-oh... I wish I could charge this real quick.”

With a phone charging stand or locker in your business, your patrons can do just that. They can plugin their device and refresh the power on the spot. Plus, with lockers, they can safely and conveniently charge and store them (along with other items, like keys and other belongings) while they wait, workout, enjoy a meal, attend training, or any other situation in your setting. The value that charging stands and lockers bring to the commercial environment cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s a medical waiting room, a health club or gymnasium, or a car repair center, your customers and clients will be grateful. That type of brand enhancement is very hard to come by, especially in a way that benefits your patrons so immediately.

Solutions Tailored to You & Your Organization

PhonePower2Go is glad to formulate a solution tailored for your unique business or organization. There's no capital expense involved, and we have options for any budget. And "last but not least," you'll be amazed at our customer service and care. Contact us at any time for your personalized consultation.


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