Graphic illustrating a cell phone being charged, with the question, is it safe?

Juice Jacking: The Dangers of Public USB Charging Stations

We here at PhonePower2Go understand the technicalities "behind the scenes" of public phone charging. Our solutions are specifically engineered to prevent "juice jacking," a real and present danger in some situations. The following article is courtesy of the Federal Communications Commission, and is something everyone should know.

The Situation

Planning to travel this holiday season? No doubt you'll have your cell phone or another portable device, and you'll need to re-charge it at some point.

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Smartphone out of power and needs to be charged, like with charging solutions from PhonePower2Go.

Which type of charger solution is best for you?

Renting a smartphone charger offers clear advantages over purchasing one and installing it yourself; selection, delivery, installation and long-term service headaches can be forgotten, but which type of charger should you rent?

You can pick from the following examples with their associated advantages which will help you match your needs and expectations to your situation and budget.

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