We are experts in smartphone charging stands. We provide the equipment on a rental basis, take care of maintenance, and always provide you with awesome customer service.


What We Do

PhonePower2Go understands how nearly all adults (and many kiddos!) have smartphones and similar mobile devices. These devices connect us to family, friends, our businesses, and the world at large. It's also true that having access to convenient charging sometimes means the difference between maintaining that connection - or being essentially "dead in the water." PhonePower2Go combines great charging solutions for your customers with keen marketing and advertising to keep your message fresh in their minds.

Alongside our great technology and marketing solutions, we deliver the best customer service available. We know long-lasting relationships built on professional respect are incredibly valuable!

Cell phone users with their smartphones rely on charging their devices.



Values We Live By


Top-flight Customer Service

This is our most important priority—we always provide honest, prompt and personalized service.


Provide Great Solutions

We utilize our expertise in the field of smartphone charging (10 years experience & running) to select the best equipment to provide you the best service.


Stand By Our Work

We excel at details, making sure our work is exceptional, & offer our "no-quibble guarantee." We're not happy unless you are!